Immigration Audit & Compliance

We provide immigration audits for companies operating in africa aimed at providing re-assurance that the employer is meeting its responsibilities as a licensed sponsor and to avoid the risk of a civil penalty. Audits of franchisors and/or branches also ensure that the sponsor’s licence is not put at risk or the brand damaged by the activities of remote locations.

Regulatory Agencies can conduct audits at whatever frequency required and may be by appointment or unannounced. The discussions which take place during our audits and the final debriefing have a training element.

Our audits follow a similar format:

An on-site interview with key personnel on the employer’s processes and procedures for meeting Ghana Immigration requirements
Examination of a sample of files for overseas employees to confirm that processes and policies are being implemented
Oral feedback on findings and recommendations for improvement and the inclusion of good practice during and at the end of the visit
A written report covering findings and recommendations

If you employ migrant workers you will benefit from our audit service which includes:

Dedicated team of legally trained professionals
Tailored service dependent on your business needs and budget
Assurance that your systems and record-keeping will be thoroughly reviewed with solution focussed advice on how to improve compliance
Identification of business practices which are putting your licence at risk
Audit reports of migrant files and where possible the provision of missing documentation
Recommendations on how you can improve your procedures and systems to promote cost effective compliant processes
A detailed audit report for future reference and to assist new HR staff joining after the audit to maintain your compliance.

More Info:

In addition we can provide in-house training to ensure that key personnel and recruitment staff are fully aware of when a migrant can legally work, the various categories of immigration permission, document checks and how to meet any other required obligations Please contact us if you require this service